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United Express jumpseat question...help!

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
I was thinking of hitching a ride to TEX or MTJ in a couple of weeks. What are the current jumpseat policies for GLA and SKYW for an ASA pilot? Also, what's it like trying to get a jumpseat this time of year on those flights out of DEN?

Thanks a lot
You can jumpseat on SkyWest. Access to the ACTUAL jumpseat is still uncertain (it seems to change weekly who can and who can't occupy the actual), but if there's room in back you're on!

Don't know about loads, sorry.
I fly for Lakes out of ORD, so I'm not current on loads out of Denver. But, we have a very liberal jump seat policy and will take as many jump seaters as we have open seats in the back. Also, we are now flying the 1900's exclusively so there is no actual upfront jump seat.

Now would certainly be a good time for other airlines to lighten up on their 1 jump seater per flight policies. It's ridiculous to leave the gate half full with jump seaters left behind. With all the chaos in teh industry right now, this is one area where we could help each other out.
Thanks a lot, y'all. That's just what I wanted to hear. FYI, we have the same policy at ASA if you ever need us.

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