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United Breaks Guitars and helps corporate pilot job security

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Well-known member
Apr 21, 2008
United Breaks Guitars

Great video and song. This guy has gotten over 2 million hits on this video, and tons of press. Imagine if every PO'd airline customer had the talent to air their horror story of airline treatment. My guess is that they could have sold alot more VLJ's:).


To add insult to injury they now charge you extra to break and steal your stuff.

My job security meter (while never very far from the bottom) just went up a notch.
The only thing that is wrong about this is how accurate the ramp guys are.

Remember in the 90's when we got all the news stories about how ramp personell were opening suite cases and stealing your stuff? Now we are supposed to trust them?
Kinda reminds me of the time I was connecting in Charlotte (about two years ago) and watching the USAirways bag monkeys throwing bags out of the cargo hold onto the ground because the belt loader was full.

I took a quick video shot with my phone and passed it onto US complaint department but never heard back from them.

Next time I'll just post it on youtube or better yet, send it to the local media. They love that kinda s**t!!
[FONT=arial,helvetica,geneva]United Breaks Policy, Offers Money For Guitar[/FONT]

United Airlines has offered to break its baggage loss policy and compensate a Canadian singer for his broken guitar. Dave Carroll became an Internet sensation last week when his music video entitled United Breaks Guitars went viral (more than two million views so far). In a follow-up video (70,000 views), Carroll says he's gratified by the huge response, doesn't want money from United and hopes the airline donates it to charity. He also empathizes with United baggage services manager "Ms. Irlweg," whose first name hasn't been released, saying she did a good job of representing the airline's interests and policies. His dealings with Irlweg, however, will be the basis of a new video which he says will be a "light-hearted" look at his year-long battle with the airline.

Carroll and his band, Sons of Maxwell, of Halifax, were on their way to a gig in Nebraska last year when rough handling — in plain view of the the alarmed passengers — snapped the neck off band leader Dave Carroll's $3,500 Taylor guitar. After a year of appeals for compensation, the video is the result. After the video went viral, Carroll was interviewed by most of the morning TV news programs and repeatedly told the hosts he wasn't interested in money. He said the attention has resulted in numerous offers to write songs and perform.
Once as a jump-seater on NWA I checked a roller bag. I had a relative working at their station and he took me behind the ticket counter to retrieve the bag. As we walked out in the back I saw an agent take my bag off the cart, lift it over his head and forcefully throw it against the concrete.

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