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United, and channel 9

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Active member
Mar 11, 2002
I recently flew on United and I was very impressed that I could listen to the pilots communicate with ATC throughout the duration of the flight. Just plug in the headsets, tune in channel 9, and you are in the cockpit......well, kinda!! It made the flight go by sooooo fast and it was entertaining. My hats are off to United for this......I will fly United from now on, just for the good old channel 9.
Good ol channel 9 has been around as long as I can remember flying United......err...well, ok...at least 6-7 years.....
Some of the cheap British charter airlines go one step further, they have cameras mounted on the outside of the A/C. When you are landing or taking off you get to see views from the top of the tail, the belly and the wings. Very cool.
I think those British charters must have bought those planes from American.
Thats right, keep on dreaming. Just think one day all US carriers will have TVs installed in seat backs, just like virgin did back in 1990. Grow up, you arsemonkey.
Actually, I think AA comes to mind because of the DC-10 that lost an engine with the pax watching the whole thing on video.
What i heard ...

Its always great when I can listen to Ch 9 on UAL one time I some how heard a F/A tell another F/A that the pain in the a's in 3 b wants another drink I let her know what I heard and that was the end of Ch 9 for the flight . Chas

Before you start making up stories about hearing flight attendant chatter on UAL channel 9, let me tell you something. What you are listening to is the primary frequency that the FO has tuned in. It is not the cabin PA system. And no you cannot hear the personal conversations between the two pilots. Geez.
Simon is right. No way you could have heard any F/A's talking unless they were in the cockpit while the mic was keyed. Also, it's not linked to the F/O's com panel. Channel 9 is linked to the overhead panel for the observers mic/headphone selector, which is suppossed to be on Com1 or off at the Captains discrestion.

When I jumpseated a while back, the captain told me not to turn up the cabin interphone on the audio panel because whatever I was listening to, the cabin was listening to on channel 9....

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