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Uncomfortable shoulder straps in my Carbon Cub FX-3

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Forums Chief Pilot
Staff member
Oct 31, 1996
Type aircraft owned
Carbon Cub FX-3
Base airport
Anyone else find this shoulder harness setup extremely uncomfortable? It's a single point connection that then branches off into a Y and that Y is right behind your neck meaning it's going to cut into your neck and is very uncomfortable. You would think there is a better way of doing this such as a spacer bar separating the straps behind you or something. I like many others put pads on the shoulder straps but still, it sucks.

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I watched a YouTube video last night of a fly-in and noticed a guy in an old Cessna taildragger actually put cables on each strap and tied the cables to an overhead side tube that pulls the Y apart to alleviate this situation.

Curious of anyone else's opinion and remedy of this situation.
I went to buy another set for the rear seat and realized they have different lengths. I'm guessing I have the 10 inch on my should belts now. I'm always moving them up or down, in the past I even tried velcroing the inside to keep them in place. I see when ordering a second set they have different lengths so I'm getting the longest one this time and see how that works and hope to avoid having to adjust it all the time.

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