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Emb-110...So ugly that it's cool.

Airbus A380...It wishes it was as graceful as the 747.

But, THE ugliest has to be that German Hansa jet. What were they thinking?

"She's a beaut, Clark." :D
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sorry sheriff

one of the ugliest planes i've ever seen and been fortunate enough to fly is the metro. $hit fire that thing is freakin ugly. it's even got an ugly little sister...the merlin. no offense, as i'm part of the metro brotherhood and can give the garret salute, but as joe dirt would say, "daaaaannnnggg that thing is ugly".

and 4fanman.....i though i was the only one who loved that show.

well...till next time.....keep your stick on the ice.
I guess the old sewer pipe grows on you a bit. With the gear up it looks not too bad, fast if nothing else. But you drop those long spindly legs and they look pretty bad....

A hell of a lot better than a 1900D, anyway.

MD-11: doesn't have the sculpted lines of the L-1011-1.

A319: looks like a child drew it.

Cheyenne III: the blueprints for the tail and the fuselage must not have been drawn in the same scale.

B-1900D: anything that needs that much crap bolted on it to keep the nose pointed straight ahead....

Lear 60: (see B-1900D above).

767-200: a city bus with wings.

And I have to admit...

CRJ-200: no, seriously, are the struts compressed? Where's the rest of the landing gear? Do we even need stairs? Do you know how embarassing it is looking up at the guys in the Brasilia next-door? :rolleyes:
Trislander... Otherwise know as the "Puertorican DC-10"...
BigFlyr said:
Trislander... Otherwise know as the "Puertorican DC-10"...

HHHHAAAAAAHHHAAAA!!!! that's a good one... maybe i could start a topic on aircraft nicknames, I'm sure we're to come across some interesting ones.


speaking of puerto rico, they used to operate Heron's, and there was this one stretched model. Looked like a Continental-powered DC-8. Can't imagine it flyin...

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