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UAX Overview and Performance

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Ndugu's Foster Dad
Nov 27, 2001
The following is an exerpt from Domestic Code Share & Cargo Committee Report regarding UAX and their performance. By Brett Anderson. This specific exerpt talks about the UAX performance.

"United Express performance has been suffering as of late. Completions, on-time, and baggage handling have generally been below set goals. Some of the problems facing United Express in metting these goals are inadequate facilities (if you have been to the FR concourse, you know what I mean), short stage lengths and interface with United in information management.

Generally, Skywest hass been performing the best of the UAX carriers and meets or exceeds most performance goals. Air Wisconsin has been second, but had a poor completion and on-time record for 2001, due largely to Air Wisconsin management's failure to negotiate labor contracts in a fair and timely fashion. They have improved dramatically in recent months. Atlantic Coast Airlines (ACA) has been having major performance problems since 9/11. Many of its delays and cancellations are maintenance related, according to United Express Manager Dennis Berry. ACA's maintenance organization has hired many new, and inexperienced, mechanics in a rapid expansion, and what should be a one-hour job often takes them two or three hours to complete. In addition, problems with facilities at ORD and crew movements have been pulling their performance down. The Company is having daily conference calls with ACA in an attempt to improve their performance and hold them accountable."

The entire article can be found on page 21-22 in THE LEADING EDGE for Spring of 2002.

I am sure some of the downfall of Air Wisconsin and ACA is ORD. Can you say "ground stop" or "penalty box". That really does not help ontime performance or completion percentage. Do they address the carrier that bumps the most people because of weight restrictions? I wonder who that would be out of Denver? Nobody is perfect.

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