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UAL Furloughee/AD AF Type
Nov 25, 2001
Here's a question for perhaps UAL78 or anyone with proper knowledge. If you know the answer I'd appreciate the info.

Question: If recalled prior to my NEW Air Force commitment expiring, will my longevity begin accruing upon recall (i.e: transfer from furlough status to Military Leave of Absence) in such a manner that upon return to UAL I could possibly be on second year pay while serving out the remainder of my probation? This question is based on the possibility of being recalled prior to the expiration of my 3-year commitment in the AF. I know I still must complete probation (of course), but I'm unclear on whether or not I must complete probation on First Year pay if my accrued longevity at the time I return to UAL will/could be more than a year.

Have I made this question muddy enough? The answer doesn't change my life, but I am curious. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

TweetyBird, I seem to recall that you WILL accrue longevity ON AF Leave ONCE recalled. This is because you're UAL supposedly already knows that you're on a leave of absense because you've approved that through them even though you were furloughed. Anytime you're officially on furlough, you won't accrue longevity, but once recalled, you're no longer technically on furlough...you're just exercising you're leave of absense. However, it's my understanding that you will still have to complete the requisite number of days for probation...somewhere around 165 I think. I believe that you will do this on first year probationary pay, then you'll snap back (seems like everyone in the industry likes using that word) to you're "regular" seniority pay. Hope to see you back at UAL again soon...got my fingers crossed for us. You're in a good position back on AD with the AF. By the way, don't let those newbies kill you in the tweet!
Thanks for the interpretation. I wasn't sure how to read it, so I thought I'd get a second opinion. Yeah, the mighty Tweet! I sure am glad to be going back, but you're right about the student's: The one jet where the enemy sits in the cockpit with you! Actually, I love teaching. I have my fingers crossed for us too. Good luck!

I asked the same question to the ORD new hire office when I outprocessed. I am looking at 5 years to retire once my AGR slot opens up. I was told, and the pilot contract confirms this, once you are called back your longevity for pay commences immediately. So if you have 2 years of service left after furlough recall, you will return to UAL with 2 + years seniority and longevity of pay and will be on third year pay to finish the balance of your probation.

I was on mil leave for two months before I was furloughed and the time I spent on mil leave counted towards longevity of pay and seniority. It has to, its the law. According to the Soldiers Sailors Act, a company must allow employees to serve in the military and guarantee their job and pay increases upon completion of military duty.

I have a friend who took one year mil leave at UAL after completing 3 months flying post IOE to avoid low first year pay. He came back on second year pay, finished his probation on the higher second year pay scale and financed his first year at UAL on a Major's salary. Not the recommended technique but now in the case of call ups and having to put food on the table, I'm sure there will be several of us in that category.

Have fun flying upside down again.
Hey Tweety, I'm now considering a return to the active also flying fred again. Heck, I've been on 45 day orders since the end of october and been trapped in the stage in Moron. So, at least the wife and kids will have health-care. By the way, how did your whole package submission go?
Thanks for the info. Your interpretation is what a friend, and fellow furloughee, told me. I believe you're right (especially since you asked the question). Good luck on the AGR side.

Great to hear from you. Sorry about the Moron thing. To bad you aren't staging out of Ramstein. As you well know, I spent many a crew rest there in Fred. Have a cheap beer at that "all ranks-type club" for me. As for the return to AD, the whole process was pretty painless, but did take a while. Of course being furloughed makes time seem to stand still!

All you do is submit a faxed application with some basic stuff (Last 5 OPRs, FEF, and a bio/resume). They look it over and let you know if you have a "snow ball's" chance. If so, you pretty much mail the same info back to them (only this time it's called your official app). The only real difference was that I had to go to the nearest AFB and take a full blown long physical - Blah! I had to do this even though my old AF physical hadn't expired yet. In your case I really don't think it would be necessary since you're currently flying AF Reserve Iron. Your app meets a weekly board. If selected, they send you a certified letter congratulating you and ask you to officially accept. A personnel type will call you to arrange your assignment. That call went really well for me. He asked where I'd like to go and when. I told him Vance in January and he said O.K. I was pleasantly surprised at how accommodating he was. Although, I wasn't asking for an Eagle or C-17, just the MIGHTY TWEET!

From my initial faxed app to my acceptance letter the whole process took about 2 months. I don't report for another month, but that was by choice. My biggest recommendation is that you politely stay vigilant in keeping in touch with them. They didn't seem to mind when I called to inquire about the status of my app or board results. I hope this helps and good luck either way. If you have any question please call me. The reason I elaborated on the process here, instead of calling you, was to provide other interested folks with info on the return process. Anyway, if you see JC out there smack him upside the head for me! Fly safe.

Here's the web link if anyone is interested:

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So here I was looking at my YO- mega, when I saw
-YOur e-mail. I was wondering what had happend to you. Nice to know you're gainfully employed again. The tweet hasn't changed since you left.

Hey Tweetybird

Thanks for the information on returning to active duty. I have recently applied and was told that the process has become slightly more streamlined. They are telling guys now it should be about 3 to 4 weeks for a decision. Nothing else has changed.

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