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UAL Mechanic Pay Raise?!?

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Jan 9, 2002
Just curious what UAL Pilots feel about this raise? Getting a 37% raise with the company losing money and with people laid off seems kinda tacky. I can't help but draw comparisons to the IAM's Chalie Bryan and his unwillingness to open his eyes to the financial situation at Eastern. I hope there is more to this story than meets the eye, could someone from United please educate me.
UAL Pay raise

It may sound like something UAL can't afford, but part of the agreement was that the mechanics must take pay concessions if the airline requests it. They are gonna have a raise for about a week. All the others like NWA and DAL don't have concessions in their contracts.
The mechanics hadn't had a pay raise since 1994. Maybe the timing is bad, but UAL had good years prior to September 11 to bargain in good faith. The raise was recommended by the PEB. Perhaps this will send a message to those airlines that drag out negotiations past the contract amenable date. I certainly hope so.

I'm not a UAL pilot, but I hope the pilots support the mechanics. Now, with a contract, UAL can negotiate concessions with the mechanics and pilots if necessary. It's then up to UAL to open its books to the unions to show what's needed, and the unions to decide what if any concessions should be made. The mechanics probably won't feel like giving a whole lot back after having no raises for seven years. I can't blame them. UAL has no one but themselves to blame for dragging this out, fostering ill will among the mechanics, and requiring a PEB to resolve this
United has publicly said that it is losing $15 million each day. What they haven't told you is that they started accounting for the mechanics raise way back when the contract was up in July 2000.

So, this raise does not add any more losses to the $15mil/day claim that the company has made.



Purple is a fruit!

Think about the logic.

We are going to give you a raise so you will be on par with the other unions when concessions are negotiated.

Is this better than- you stay where you are and the others come back?

Too bad Bob Crandal is not still doing this. He and Godon Behtune are the two executives that really showed management skills in adverse circumstance.

I am excluding herb as it is a different model and time.

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