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UAL is saved!

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Well-known member
Jan 22, 2002
This gives me a hard on!

CHICAGO, July 22, 2009 – United Airlines is continuing its refresh of meal and snack service on North American flights, making items from the popular new Choice Menu available in additional markets, introducing new snackboxes with popular, well-known snack items, and making meal and snack service available on scores of flights where food previously was not offered for sale.

Beginning Aug. 1, United is adding Choice Menu fresh items on flights between the airline’s hubs and several leading business and leisure markets:

· Denver - Washington Dulles

· Chicago - Los Angeles

· Chicago - Kona, Hawaii

· Los Angeles - Washington Dulles

· Honolulu, Hawaii - the U.S. mainland (Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles)

· Kahului, Hawaii - the U.S. mainland (Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles)

Also beginning Aug. 1, customers on most flights at least two hours long may purchase four new themed Choice Menu snackboxes – Active, Classic, Luxe and Organic – which are replacing the smartpack, minimeal, quickpick and rightbite options. With the addition of the new Choice Menu snackboxes on flights of at least two hours – versus three hours previously – customers on nearly 300 additional United flights will be able to purchase an inflight snack. The newly designed boxes are printed on 100 percent recycled fiber.

By the end of 2009, United anticipates fresh Choice Menu items will be available for sale on most United-operated flights within North America of at least three hours.

“Since we launched the Choice Menu on May 5 on three markets out of San Francisco, feedback has been very positive, and we are pleased our customers prefer these new options,” said Alex Marren, United’s senior vice president of onboard service. “We want to give our customers what they have asked for – more quality choices in more markets.”

Development of the Choice Menu resulted in large part from information gleaned from 12 customer focus groups in Chicago and San Francisco, and the review of feedback provided by thousands of customers through online surveys. Ongoing feedback, including comments customers and flight attendants provided during a Choice Menu presentation at San Francisco International Airport in June, played an important role in the evolution of the menu items.

On flights offering fresh Choice Menu options departing between 5 and 10 a.m., customers can choose from a blueberry muffin, a gourmet deli plate and continental breakfast. On flights departing after 10 a.m. where Choice Menu fresh items are available, customers can choose from a roast beef sandwich, a turkey sandwich and a Caprese sandwich, a cheese tray, and Mediterranean, southwestern and chicken Caesar salads. Mixed berry yogurt parfaits and à la carte items including potato chips and chocolate bars are available all day. The Choice Menu also features premium beverages including strawberry smoothies, vitamin water, premium beer and spirits.

Choice Menu fresh options will continue to be available on flights between San Francisco and Chicago and between San Francisco and Washington Dulles, with à la carte snacks and snackboxes available on flights between San Francisco and Denver.

Current service levels will continue on United Express flights. Until the fresh Choice Menu selections are widely available later this year, United flights with inflight snack and meal service will continue to offer the current level of service.

Well, there goes your 100 million till the 2.5 trigger. As it spirals vertical, hit opposite rudder while pushing nose nose down.....it help.

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