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UAL extends passes for furloughed guys

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Just called the hotline 1-877 WE-FLY-EM. Sounds like they are giving Furloughees an additional 90 days of pass benefits.
Extended passes ?

Does this mean 180 days for the next round ? Sure would be a big help ! Maybe they were listening after all ? Glad to see some help in this direction !
From NewsReel Today:

Effective immediately, United is extending pleasure
travel benefits for an additional 90 days from today
for employees who were affected by the company's
recent reduction-in-force. The benefits apply to
travel on United and United Express flights. The
90-day extension does not allow interline travel and
companion travel.

"The reduction-in-force had a huge impact on the
company, and we want to continue to help ease the
transition for furloughed and surplussed employees,"
says Chief Executive Officer Jack Creighton. "As
I've met with employees and union representatives, I
have consistently received feedback about the
importance of these travel benefits. We feel
strongly that extending the benefit an additional 90
days is the right thing to do."

Affected employees can continue to use "write-your-
own" tickets, which they can get from their former
manager or local travel coordinator to whom they
turned in their travel cards.

The travel benefit extension applies to employees
affected by the recent reduction-in-force, including
those employees affected as a result of the
previously announced Reservations office closures on
Feb. 28.

Affected employees will receive notification through
a letter sent to their homes. They also can access
the SkyNet home page, and click on the "Travel
Benefit News" in the Travel section. Managers and
supervisors are encouraged to share this information
with their affected employees.
Hey guys, thanks for the updated info.
I stopped listening to the hotlines,'
I'm trying to limit my depressing news.
Another 90 days is good, but I still
don't see why they can't just give
us travel priveleges the whole time
we are on furlough.

Any word if they will definitely furlough
more in MArch?
March UAL Furlough

From credible sources -

UAL had originally planned to furlough another
1200 pilots. Due to an increase in hours planned for this summer, that number will be significantly less. The company will announce a few hundred more furloughs Monday (28 Jan), though, because even with the increased flying, the hours are down significantly from last year.

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