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UAL Chief Resigns

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Any ideas who might be replacing the outgoing Jack Creighton. It certainly appears that he held true to his word in just being at UAL until a more permanent replacement can be found, and to stabilize the company. I am guessing that since all open contracts have been settled that it is time for him to get some golf and boating in this summer.

Anyway, curious as to what names may be possible successors for CEO at United? I would bet that Gordon Bethune might want to take over the helm since he always has something to say about United, maybe he wants to take us into the 21st century.....................................maybe!

Relax, it is just a joke! I have no clue who wants this job.

bad thing

I would not think that this is a good thing.....sounds to me like he did not want ot go through the grief of dealing with labor concessions,.
Who would want the Job? The flight attendants said last week "ah sorry we have a signed contract" The IAM ramp workers and CS agents vote may 10th for there new contract. Then if they do vote "yes" are we all expected to believe the IAM will turn around and give it all back. I think NOT! UAL now has the daunting task of finding some poor sucker to be the NEW CEO. Like I said WHO would want this job???? Maybe a Pilot should be the new CEO.......Do I hear a vote for "maddog"
I'll take it.

I'll take the job. I mean, some of these guy will make in a couple of years what I will make in my lifetime. Don't feel sorry for any of them.
Hey, I think Steven Wolf and Rakesh Gangwal are available. What the hell, they already love the paint schemes so they won't have to re-paint the fleet. Maybe a name change will be in order though. *Just kidding*

You guys deserve a decent management team. The golden parachute Goodwin got should be listed as a crime.
If UAL declares restructuring or bankruptcy, how would this affect the pilots and the unions. Would the labor laws still hold in terms of lay-offs and pay etc.

Also, why don't they just promote the president of UAL ( Dutta) to the Chairman Post. When he was appointed president there was much talk of how he was the financial whiz kid and improved their cargo division.

Are there any other names that come to mind apart from Gangwal and Wolf, who can be appointed as chairman. Baker just resigned from AA and he might make a great selection since he is a 'hands on operations guy.'

I think you might be right about Gordon Bethune coming over to United. I thought I heard he was a strong candidate to replace Goodwin before they appointed Creighton. It doesn't appear that he's sunk Continental's ship. Of course, like everyone here has said, who's going to want to step in Creighton's shoes now?!:rolleyes:
Maybe Judge Whapner! he is pretty good at chapter 13 stuff and could possibly make it fun to boot, Not!
Whoever it is, I hope it is not the likes of Gangwal, Wolf, Ichan, etc. Idividuals that primarily know how to sell off airlines piece by piece. I think that the big U will survive, but at a greatly reduced size. I hope things work out for them.
WHY would Bethune go to United? Are you kidding me??
First of all Bethune isn't going anywhere !!

However, maybe the old second in command at Continental - Greg ?????. The guy who tried to put the deal together at Hawaiin airlines that fell apart.

Whatever and whoever it is, I guarantee it is going to be slash and burn time at United. Creighton has seen the writing on the wall considering the unions and the continued financial drain. He is outa there before that place implodes

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