UA Spent $450K Lobbying In 4Q


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Mar 3, 2006
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United Airlines spent $450,000 lobbying in 4Q
Posted: 2009-02-06 14:45:00

WASHINGTON (AP) — United Airlines spent $450,000 lobbying during the fourth quarter on energy issues and funding for federal agencies that oversee it, according to a recent disclosure form.

Chicago-based United lobbied on a cap-and-trade bill aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Airlines, who are major fuel users, oppose cap-and-trade because they say it would function like a new tax on their fuel consumption.

United also monitored legislative and federal activity related to reducing what it called speculation in energy markets, according to report filed Jan. 16 with the House clerk's office.

Over the summer, airlines pushed hard for federal action to limit what they said was speculation driving the price of fuel to a peak of $147 per barrel in July. But the energy behind such a limit has dropped along with oil prices, and Washington has been more concerned with blunting the impact of a recession.

United also lobbied Congress and the Transportation Department on funding for the Federal Aviation Administration, and on a House bill for funding the Department of Homeland Security.

United, a unit of UAL Corp., also reported monitoring matters related to extending war risk insurance, air traffic congestion management, and antitrust immunity issues. It is seeking antitrust approval to work closely with Continental Airlines Inc. on trans-Atlantic flights.