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UA and IAD

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I am not sure who would really want to dive into Dulles. At one point US Airways wanted to build up a presence there, but not large enough to really make a dent in United's traffic. Dulles just has too many issues, in my eyes. Besides the motivated local work force, you have some of the highest landing fees in the nation, and no good public transit to connect passengers to Washington, DC. Metro is years away from connecting to Dulles, and the handful of buses that run there are usually empty. I see Dulles keeping some international flights, but without a major carrier to connect to, some of the foreign operators will pull out or reduce service. I think Dulles could become another Pittsburgh.

-We all knew that airline was still crouching in the bush-lying in wait.... Just ready to pounce on the first opportunity!

-Be the first to fly a lime-green spermliner into the nation's capitol-they even have TV in the back of the headrests!
Whoever it would be would really need to look closely at the C and D concourses there. Totally overloaded with pax, very claustrophobic, not enough seating at the gates, during boarding the lines trail out into the middle of the concourse where people are trying to walk by, bad air conditioning, etc.

All part of the superlative UAL travel experience. Damn, I haven't even got started on Mesa yet...

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