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U.S. carriers to Iceland

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Well-known member
Dec 26, 2001
This is slightly off topic but...does anybody know of any U.S. pax carriers that fly to Reyjkavik, Iceland.

Alternatively, do any of the freight ones that take jumpseaters like Atlas make any stops there?

Thanks to anybody who may know

Well, I've only been to Iceland overnight, or a fuel stop but it looks like a pretty cool place to visit in the summer time..but that's just my opinion....as for the airlines, the only airlines I think that go there is Icelandair.....
Well, PanAm used to fly there (Keflavik) a long time ago but they stopped those routes even before they went TU.

Icelandair is the only scheduled passenger carrier from the US to Iceland. They like the monopoly. SAS flys some routes from Europe to KEF.

All international flights are to Keflavik which is at least an hour drive from Reykjavik. Many domestic flights leave from Reykjavik.

As far as cargo carriers, I don't which ones if any fly there. (Icelandair has a cargo division too. They fly a cargo 757 from JFK to KEF in the morning.)

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