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U MEC code-a-phone correction

Jason Kagan

Feb 27, 2005
Total Time
Item 2. Yesterday's MEC Code-a-Phone included an item on available pilot positions at $0JETS It is necessary to inform you that $0JETS is an “alter ego” airline created by Trans States Airlines Holdings, which also operates Trans States Airlines (a US Airways affiliate and Jets for Jobs carrier). $0JETS was created to avoid union representation, with the intention of denying the ALPA pilots at Trans States the right to fly the 70-seat aircraft at $0JETS, and to dodge compliance with the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement between the Trans States pilots and their management. The Trans States pilots are still battling their management to obtain the $0JETS flying under their ALPA CBA. In addition to establishing an alter ego carrier, Trans States management has also engaged in a disturbing and reprehensible pattern of contract noncompliance and led a personal campaign against union representatives, wrongfully terminating two pilots and a flight attendant.

We apologize to the Trans States pilots for any harm that was caused by erroneously announcing the availability of pilot jobs at $0JETS . We strongly support the Trans States pilots and understand the threat that $0JETS represents to their careers. All pilots should know that the US Airways MEC does not condone accepting employment at *****