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U and the RJ info

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
I herd on the code-a-phone that we (PDT,ALG and PSA) want a renegoation of the 50/50 jets for jobs given to us last week. Anyone have any more info? Did Beebe agree to give it another try? How close are the contract carriers on an agreement?
In our dreams

I just flew with our council chair today and the word is not good. They had a group phone conferance with all the wo and contract MEC chairs to discuss the way mainline has been playing us against each other. Basically all of them think the deal is crap except Mesa. They have a side negotiation going that says they will take the deal if Mainline drops the 70-90 seat RJ grievance, and if MESA Mang. agrees to not form the new alter ego airline Freedom Air. We may get jets someday but not anytime in the near future I would say. Our best bet it to take them to court.

Noone can argue that we don't make money for the compnay. Our best bet for our future would be to get sold to someone else. The problem is we don't own anything any more. Our planes are all leased, and lines are all owned by Mainline. I think we will stay alive as long as we are profitable, then we will go the way of companys like poor CCAir. They are a great company but every day its another furlough or loss of route or equipment. Its only a matter of time
Actually the CCair route losses has more to do with Mesa than USair. Ornstein would sell his own mother off for a larger piece of the U pie and more jets. He has been steadily downsizing CCair since he bought us three years ago. Who knows what his actual plan is but it looks like he just wanted to get gate space for his jets and now that he has those his 1900's are replacing our Jetstreams on most routes.

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