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Typed EJA Appl.?

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My personal opinion is that as long as your printing is neat, it won't matter. I talked to Derinda this week as she had a question on my app. I had printed my app with black ink ballpoint and after we chatted, she remarked how impressed she was on how neat the app was. I got recommended for an interview. She did mention, though, that the majority of men who printed their apps print them very sloppily. SO .... if you can print neatly, then go for it, if not, then type it. :D
I hand wrote most of the app. except the job history part. I had typed that out on my computer, printed it, and sent it along with the app. Well, it was returned to me saying that the jobs had to be listed on their form. So I hand wrote the jobs on their form, sent it back, and got "the letter" a couple weeks ago. I was trying to save myself some time but it sure backfired!
Typed Mine...

I typed my app back in early Sept when I sent it in. Attached a printed copy from my computer with remiander of 10 year employment history. Felt I should since my handwriting sucks. Interviewed in November, class starts in about a month. Good Luck!

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