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Tyco Flight Department Shut Down

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Marmaduke McPug

Active member
Jun 13, 2002
Tyco Flight Department Shut Down

When a Fortune 500 company’s fortunes crash and burn, that almost always means some corporate jets go up for sale and some pilots end up looking for work. Such is the case with Tyco International, which has had its share of negative headlines over the past month. What that means for Tyco’s 22 flight department employees (including 11 pilots) at Pease International Airport in Portsmouth, N.H., is that Tyco’s two Falcon 2000s, Falcon 900, Sikorsky S-76 and Beech Baron are on the block, and they are back on the job market. Chief pilot George Vincent confirmed the bad news. “We have ceased operation, the hangar will be shut down and the aircraft sold,” he told AIN. He is optimistic that his employees will be successful in finding work. “The job market could be a lot worse,” he said, “And I must say, we’ve been treated very fairly by the company on the way out. We have some breathing room.” While he said all the flight department employees are disappointed and saddened by the breakup, he added, “We’ve gotten a flood of calls and e-mails from people in the aviation field offering job leads and any other help they could. I find that gratifying. It tells me we were respected and people know we ran a good operation.”
Very Sad...

I sat with a very nice gentleman at the Dassault Falcon Jet Dinner during last years NBAA International Operators Conference in Vancouver. He was a Falcon 2000 Captain for Tyco, sorry to hear that he is out of work, he seemed to enjoy working for Tyco...

I wish all the best of luck to all the Tyco Flight Department employees...

Falcon Capt.
Yes it was a very sad day indeed. I have known most of those guys for several years. George gave me my big break after finishing IERW in the Army. I was offered a position in the Starship and Bell 222.

I left there to head to the airlines. After 5years, I realized I missed corporate flying and tried to get back on with them again, but the timing didin't work out. I eventually made it back there this past January after a stint at a not so great flight department.

This just goes to show you the type of people that ran and made up that department. Willing to take back a former worker who left for so called "greener pastures". I can personally testify that George ran a class act operation and all those in the department are great people.

As much as I would like to stay in corporate aviation, it looks like the cards have me going back to a regional, unless a miracle happens. I am just waiting for my class date. I know I will do whatever I can to help out and I hope others offer the same courtesy.

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