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two random questions

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May 5, 2002
just a couple of questions late at night with nothing better to do:

1. I heard the callsign Shuttlecraft...who is that?

2. What is the price difference between the cr7 and the e-170.

just a few questions brought up on a long atl-msp that neither of us could figger out.

I think Shuttlecraft is Shuttle America and the difference between the CR7 and the 170 is alot of headroom.
My guess would be that, whatever the actual price, the value of the E-170 is higher, since the dollar goes way further in Brasil than in Canadia.

But alot goes into these decisions beyond price.

If only price was considered, Boeing would have gone out of business long ago.
I work for shuttle america and "shuttlecraft" is our callsign. The e-170 is a 70 seater aircraft that accomodates first class and economy plus. It's a good size bigger (not seat wise, but comfort wise) than the Cr7. It's alot more comfortable with more headroom and legroom and the overhead bins will hold rollerboards. All seats are leather, there are 2 galleys on the aircraft and 2 lavatories. The aft lavatory is handicapped accessible and also has a baby changing table in it. :)

edit: couldn't tell ya the price difference :)

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