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two Q's for the frac. guys(or gals)

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That's a 10-4 good buddy
Nov 29, 2001
Is there a FAA regulated duty time? Is this something that will be laid out in the new reg's?

Also wondering if anyone knows what kind of flight times people are being hired on at now. I know the min's, but I figure to be competitive with everyone else in the resume' pile, those numbers have gone up.
Max duty time at EJA is 14 hours period.
Many ways to get overtime with that also-
Anytime before 8am first duty day=overtime pay
If you show before 8am on first duty day anytime in excess of 9 hours(I think it is 9 hours-someone please correct me if I'm wrong) for the duty day=overtime pay
Anytime in excess of 12 hour duty day=overtime pay

From what I have heard and seen-if you meet the mins they will interview you-how you do on the interview determines if you get hired. We are getting allot of highly qualified people applying but don't let that deter you---good luck.

Fly Safe
In my indoc class at the beginning of the month the lowest time pilot had 5500 hours. I recently walked in the application package for a friend with 3000 TT and 1000 Turbine. The recruiter told me that his times were not "competitive" but she would send it on down the pipeline anyway. That was 2 weeks ago and he hasn't heard anything yet. Regardless, I would go for it if you meet the mins and keep updating every 100 hours or so.

Good Luck! EJA is a great place to be!


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