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Turkey crash in Willow Grove

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F14 Crash

I saw it happen. The plane was from VF-101 the Grims Reapers. I heard that he may have stalled it. He went from a wave off, then rolled inverted and when he tried to roll level the Plane seemed to wallow. It was sure freaky.
F-14 Crash

This is from the International Council of Airshows web site, dated Mar 01...

"FAST FACTS March 21, 2001


A U.S. Navy accident review board has concluded that pilot error was the cause of an F-14 crash that killed Lieutenants William Dey and David Bergstrom at the Sounds of Freedom Air Show at NAS Willow Grove in Pennsylvania last June. According to the accident report, the aircraft was traveling approximately 30 knots too slow and did not have sufficient speed to begin climbing. When the aircraft's nose dipped below the horizon, the pilot "failed to correct" the error by not leveling the plane and subsequently lost control. The maneuver has since been removed from the F-14 air show profile."

Both crew members attempted to eject but, as the jet was inverted by the time their seats left the aircraft, they were fatally injured. The local press hailed them as heros, citing their apparent movement away from homes and such. That may or may not be the case, and is irrelevant anyway.

Being and old airshow turd and watching the tape it was an Adverse yaw departure! No way to regain control at that altitude.
Once they tried to turn at low airspeed and high AOA it was over.
F14 Crash

Here's a question. I don't have too much knowledge of the F-14 flight charachteristics and I know it was an A model with the troublesome TF-30's but if he went into Full A/B couldn't he power out of the stall? Also does the RIO monitor the Airspeed as well? I saw it firsthand and the waveoff manuever went well its when he turned from inverted to level that the nose dipped and the wings rocked. What kind of speed does the F-14 need in that manuver? I just wished they would have been able to punch out.
Get any book on AERO (ie. fighters swep wing type) and read about Adverse Yaw Departures.
Afterburner might have helped if he did not turn or roll the aircraft. He was above L/D max (AOA/Alpha) so he needed to unload to brake the alpha or at least hold what he had and try to power out!

Airshows are a different type of flying. Pilot's/RIO's/WSO's responsibility (ie. ALT, AS, Show Line, Eject env. ect..) are Aircraft and Aircrew specific. It just depends.

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