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TSA/Chautauqua/Eagle/Comair pay rates???

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Does anyone know how these companies have delt with pay rates for the 44 vs. 50 seat jets? Any info would be appreciated.
Comair's contact has lumped the 40-, 44-, and 50- seat CRJ's into the same pay scale.
The rates were lumped into one pay scale at Comair.

The reason was the company wanted to alter the pay scales for those airplanes based upon the number of seats they installed, not the number of seats authorized in the type certificate. This was one of many reasons settlement offer #2 was voted down.

The pay scale on the 70-seater is separate.
Eagle is paying the ERJ 135 @ 96% ot the 145...ERJ 140 @ 98 % pay for the CPTs. FO's make the same lousy wages for all three ERJ A/C as well as the CRJ-700
But that's OK Jan 1st we get a woping 3.5% industry average raise WOOHOO:cool:

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