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TSA and pilot 'materials' in carry-on?

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New member
Dec 18, 2004
So I'm flying out of Boston (as a pax) tomorrow morning, and I'm taking my flight bag with me... in hopes of doing some flying while I'm on vacation. I removed everything from the so-called "black list" from it (pulled the Mag light to be safe). The only things left are my headset, FAR/AIM and nav charts/approach plates/etc.

Any of you fine folks have any experiences with the TSA dudes when carrying this stuff through the security checkpoint? I would rather not stuff it into my checked luggage - in part because of space concerns.. but I don't have the patience to deal with paranoid screeners. Especially those that might make a scene in front of other pax.

Thanks in advance y'all.
If it is not contraband stand your ground. If the mental midget is giving you trouble ask to speak to a supervisor--there is one for every checkpoint. Don't be fooled by a "lead"--a screener with two stripes on his epaulettes--a supervisor wears civilian clothes with the tacky lapel pin.

Also, feel free to ask for names and the employee ID number on their nametags. Usually settles things quickly.

PS--the mag lite is OK
Be sure that you have your Airmen Cert when you go. And like Inconceivable mentioned, stand your ground.

Best of luck to you, the Boston TSA are...well...not fun to work with. I watched these guys take a pair of cuticle scissors from a Delta 767 captian (cuticle scissors are 1.5" long).

ive carried on my headset before and no one said anything
You shouldn't have anything to worry about. I've taken my entire flight bag (2 headsets, gps, transceiver, charts, plates, POH, spare batteries, etc) as carryon on several airlines without any problems ever. They will usually go through everything, but never tried to confiscate anything, and have never asked me any questions about it. I've flown out of SFO, SJC, SEA and a lot of smaller airports with no problems. You should be fine.

I've taken my entire bag..headset, charts...metal box which i use as my lapboard..which could be used as a weapon...fuel strainer which could be a weapon, etc....
Don't be fooled by a "lead"--a screener with two stripes on his epaulettes--a supervisor wears civilian clothes with the tacky lapel pin.

Actually, supervisors do wear the same uniforms as screeners and leads. It's screening managers that wear the suits with the TSAlapel pin. Screeners,leads, and supoervisors gothrough the same training. The selection process is not the best which is why I quit being a screener for TSA and became a police officer in my city.
GrnClvrs said:
2D cell maglite is OK. They draw the line at 2 cells. I had to argue that a streamlight was only one cell because it was wrapped up. X-ray showed differently. Streamlight had to travel in checked bag.

How F-ing retarded is THAT! I feel safer.

I've flown several times with my pilot stuff. Some morons don't know what they're looking at. One moron, after examining EVERTHING surmised "Are you a pilot?" It seems the best bet is to have a big enough bag that everything isn't packed tightly and jumbled up so they get a good look at it on the x-ray. Otherwise they unpack it and use their x-ray vision, and explosive-detecting noses on it, then do a half-assed job putting it back.

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