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TSA 49 CFR part 1544 (12-5 Program)

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2002
Got no satisfaction from other post. Anyone in my shoes or am I way behind the 8 ball here. Realized just a few weeks ago by reading the fine print on the new security program that it will be required of commercial (i.e. Part 135 operators) operating aircraft with MTOGW of 12,500 lbs or more. This is inclusive of 12,500 (i.e. BE-200) unlike other 14 CFR regs referring to aircraft that are 12,500 and less or over 12,500. References I've seen so far are from NBAA, Air Charter Guide and Code of Fed. Regs. 49 CFR Part 1544. Supposedly a standard format will be made available to authorized/security cleared operators prior to the deadline of 6/24/02? Anyone on top of this? Anyone have contacts numbers/info on who to submit this to? Seams first order of business is to do a criminal background check on flight crew members and submit fingerprints to the FBI. Who to contact? I don't want any sensitive/need to know info posted, but can anyone tell me where to start?
I don't believe anybody really knows what specifics will be required on a uniform basis, yet.

Are you aware of any specifics?
We received aletter from TSA dated 5/15/02 that was short and general just advising of the coming deadline for the "12-5" program and immediate actions requesting general security measures for aircraft, baggage and passengers, and encouraging id badges. Part 1544 (added to Code of Fed. Regs. as a final ruling in Feb. and basically revises part 107 & 108 and 135.125) calls for Criminal History Checks Records Checks for flight crew, designate security personnel. have security training procedures, and contingency plans and threat response.

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