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trying to get it on at a regional

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Yikes, you must be jonsin' bad. Have you seen some of the galley hags out there?
miles otoole said:
Now I see your problem, Ron Jeremy.

It can take a long time to get it on at a regional. It aint like college my friend. You don't just give your number out on the internet and people call you to get it on. You have to work for it.
I read the thread title closely and I thought he was talking about getting it on with a F/A or something......

Don't come to QX for that if that's the case.....
Phony Marconi said:
.....sent in my stuff.....nobody called so far.

Think carefully about your career decision. Are you sure you want to get involved with this nightmare? Wages continually declining, TAFB close to 400 hrs a month, benefits.....well.....thats a joke. And if you do get hired, where are you going to go next, because you WILL get sick of the BS at the regionals. There is nowhere else to go. I'm telling you its a dead end career. But hey, thats just what I think.

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