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Trying to avoid CFI

Dual Given

Jun 13, 2002
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As I read through some of the threads I've come across a subject that catches my attention. Some ask the question "How can I avoid becoming a CFI and still build time?". It seems that some people view the job as a last resort. Statements like I'd rather tow banners, do traffic watch, pipeline etc. are made out to be great jobs. I, for one, really enjoy flight instructing and all that I learn about myself and students. Though I've never towed a banner, it has to get BORING all by your lonesome. I don't view any of these jobs(cfi or otherwise) as just timebuilding. I truly enjoy meeting, teaching and getting to know who I'll be sharing the skies with. Remember the "grass" is always greener no matter what. At this level we are all professionals no matter if you fly a 777 or 172. Stop once in a while, think about it and enjoy the ride.

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Nov 25, 2001
Good Post Dual Given!

I have over 1,600 hours of dual given and learned a LOT from doing it... and had some fun and made some really good friends in the process!

If I were King, every civilian pilot would have to be a CFI for at least 500-750 hours of dual given, I think it is very valuable experience!

Just my $0.02 (and after what the stock market did today it is only worth about $0.0103204)


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Jun 14, 2002
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Good For You!

I've also noticed how many people would rather do anything than instruct. Yes, instructing involves long hours and low pay, but guess what, it wont get too much better at many regionals for the first year.

Instructing is the single best way to learn about flying. After a year of so of explaining the basics of aerodynamics, regs, instrument flying, emergency procedures, etc. to students, you know what you are talking about.

On top of that, when you make it to a regional, or corporate cockpit you will be expected to work well in the cockpit with your sim partner. In my opinion there is no better preparation for a two-crew airplane than instructing. CRM is all about communication. If you can teach someone to fly, you certainly know how to communicate in the cockpit.

I am constantly amazed at the low level of status given to CFIs. Without instructors this whole industry is gone. The profession deserves more respect.

Hang in there with the instructing, you are building skills that will serve you well in your career. And believe me, given the choice between a 1500 hour banner-tow pilot and a 1500 hour CFI, almost all regionals will go with the CFI-your flying skills may not be superior, but your CREW skills are.


Semper Fi
Jun 15, 2002
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Amen to that!!! I will say one thing, if people are only looking at becoming a CFI to build time, do something else. Flight instructing is more than just time building, it is an experience that is not only educational but rewarding. In other words if you don't have the heart to do it than don't do it. :cool: