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Travel Vaccinations

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Oh ya...salad bar/buffet food is a no-no - even in the USA, lol.

Bacteria heaven.

You mean Sizzler's salad bar too? Say it ain't so!! LOL

I went to Africa last year and I travel a lot to Brazil and South America. On the Africa trip, I asked my FAA doctor and he reccomended cipro and Malarone (sp?) The malaria pills gave me a tiny bit of nausea, nothing that would effect my flying, anyway. I don't really think you need to take the malaria pills (the other pilots didn't take them and were fine) unless you are going into areas of disentary, which we were not going into. I did not need the cipro at all.

I have never been asked to show any proof of yellow fever shots in Brazil, or anywhere for that matter. Although its not a bad idea, I don't think you really need it unless you're going to visit some remote areas. Just my $.02.

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