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travel in singapore

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flying in asia
Nov 27, 2001
Has anyone traveled to Singapore? I will probably be stopping there on the way from London to New Zealand. It is easy to get around? Good places to stay if i get stuck.....any info will be helpful.
Singapore is like New York, but with mostly Asian residents. It's an island that's a city that's a country, and it used to be part of Malaysia. It has trains to get around on, since having a car is very expensive. It's a great place to shop and people watch. Go to the night safari at the zoo if you have a chance. They also have tours if you are interested. Sorry, but I don't know about places to stay. Have fun.
Cabs are not to expensive.

Lots of good places to eat and drink down by the waterfront, I forget the name, but the hotel frontdesk should now where it is (they even have a "Hooters").

On the way from the airport, check out the highway that doubles as a runway for their airforce, just in case.... Kind of hard to tell it's a runway, but if you check out the center median then you will notice that the barriers are just temporary.

It s been a while since I was there;go anywhere public transport,safe cheap,easy,the main language is english,the air port there has been voted many times as the best in the world,the subway is the best in the world,the people are great.the size of the country is like a medium american city,smoking is bad,chewing gum is ilegal,there is a secret police unit that catches people who do not flush the toilet ,or pee in the elevator,funny but true.death sentence for druggies.moslems who dared hijacking a singapore plane were all shot and killed,since then they look elsewhwere.if you want low budget housing",the lonely planet"usually has all the backpackers info,dorms,i guess will be about 10$ a night,watch out for the rainy season and do a lot of shopping.any bookshop will have the southeast asia lonely planet.Yeh,singapore is one of easiest places for tourists,have fun and dont get caught with chewing gum.
they have these t shirts that say "Singapore is a fine city," and it shows all the things you can be fined for. Like chewing gum. Strange but true. It's a very clean city. Have fun.
Singapore is one of the cities that I wouldn't get nervous allowing my wife to go out shopping on her own. It is a real safe and clean city. I've been there twice with the Navy and loved it every time. The monorail doubles as a subway, kinda in and out of the ground. The downtown, tourist district is really nice. Don't forget to get a Singapore Starbuck's mug.

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