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Travel benefits between ACA and ASA

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Active member
Dec 2, 2001
Can someone please explain to me the difference between the travel benefits that a pilot would have with ACA and ASA. I'mnot really upto speed on how the non-rev travel works. Can an ACA pilot fly space available on Delta and United or do they need to ride the jump seat? And the same question for ASA? I also have heard that the benefits in general are better at a wholly owned? Is this true, and if so how? Just trying to educate myself on this stuff. Please point out any other differences that you all can think of.
Just thought of another one--
If the actual cockpit jumpseat is closed to off line jumpseaters, like it is for everyone that I know of, then can an ACA pilot occupy a Delta and or United jumpseat because they feed for both and are affiliated with both.

I know that in order to occupy the actual jumpseat, the mainline agents need to be able to verify employment realitime, which generally means that only company pilots can sit in the actual... however, some partners, code-shares and wholly-owned can verify across the board and then can get mainline AND express carrier pilots in the actual if need be. I don't know the situation at ACA but that's the case generally as I understand it.

Hope that helps.

free travel on United for all pilots/families (Delta Connection and UEX) space available

30/pass on Delta for all pilots/families

Employment verification to sit up front. ACA doesnt have anything in place for Delta to verify pilot employment.

hope this helps

Free travel anywhere on UAL (minus airport tax international and I think a *small* charge for riding in 1st on a 3 class plane) for self, spouse, kids, parents. Also allowed to sit in actual J/S on UAL. DAL is $30 one way (even if it's two legs) for all employees. Doesn't apply to parents, I believe.

Now the complaints. DAL, ASA, CMR and I believe Skywest can ride for free on us in the DAL system, but we cannot on them. Bull**CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**, IMNSHO, but alas, that's the rules as of now. Nothing like seeing a CMR flight attendant riding home for free on us but our flight attendants have to spend $30 to get home on them (or any other DAL flight other than ACA). Just isn't right!!

DAL mainline can also sit in our jumpseats, but we cannot in their's (however, there's been some isolated incidents of captains going the extra mile to get us on.. to them thank you!). The j/s issue has to do with being able to verify ID. Since ACA pilots are in the DAL computer system and employment can't be verified, we can't sit in the J/S. I would assume (and take) ASA and CMR pilots can sit in ACA J/S as their employment can be verified (on DAL side only).

Through the gossip mill, it's ACA that's being slow to impliment the software that will allow us to j/s in DAL cockpits..... I think ACA sold out its employees when it negotiated benefits with Ma Delta. We really got the shaft, and I don't think it's because of Delta, either.

But no matter... I live in a United hub anyway....
ASA benefits:

You, spouse, dependents get unlimited domestic travel. You get, in addition, 18 transoceanic days. Parents get 18 days, or 9 rt per year. Also 8 buddy passes. The only fees for you are international, i.e r/t to Paris from ATL was $14 for me. I buddy passed my sister from SFO for $340 rt. We flew business elite on all legs.

We can also ride on most of our code shares, ie Air France, Aero Mex, Italia, so forth. If it's in the Delta schedule, chances are you can non-rev. Incidently if your in Europe, Airfrance becomes domestic, ie free and unlimited. The difference between ACA and ASA is ASA is wholly owned. Our date of hire is just as good as mainlines DOH. Delta pays for the seats on code shares such as ACA and that is why we are allowed to non-rev an ACA and that it is why it is not reciprocal.

Jumpseat is restricted to wholly owned carriers. The feds make the rules and the airlines have nothing to do with that.

Hope that helps
Being wholly owned has (somewhat) nothing to do with jumpseat. Delta must be able to electronically verify employment to allow a jumpseater in the cockpit. It doesn't matter if the jumpseater is a wholly owned subsiderary pilot or not. However, this is more easily done with the wholly owneds for obvious reasons. ACA can jumpseat in UAL's cockpit because APOLLO has us in its database even though we are far from wholly-owned. We're currently working on the same for Delta's Deltomatic.

As for the pass benefits, ours suck on Delta. Right or wrong, it's frustrating to see our flight attendants have to shell out $30 everytime they want to go to or from work while a CMR or DAL or ASA FA rides on our planes for free.

I'm not blaming DAL. Like I said before, I think our boys in our crystal palace dropped the ball and the guys and girls on line are paying for it every day. We're mainly a UAX carrier, with all of our big wigs living in a UAL base. They don't seem to care much about benefits for DAL because the only ones really affected are a couple hundred pilots and flight attendants. Everyone else works with Ewenited.
At the Delta Family, only employees can ride on ACA's DCI flights. All of our other pass riders (ie: parents, spouse, kids) cannot ride for free like they can on a DAL/ASA/CMR flight. They would have to buy an ID90 I believe.

Also, I agree it kinda stinks that ACA DCI folks can't ride for free. However, it was rough enough for us to get the privelages when Delta bought us (ie- we work for them directly.) It really tweaked a lot of DAL people, because they now had a few thousand more people with which to compete for a shrinking number of available seats. It would really have been a battle to get the ACA folks on there. That, and I believe I was also told there was a problem because ACA serves DAL and UAL routes. Delta naturally didn't want the UAL side to have privelages on Delta. Finally, Delta does own those seat that ACA moves around on their airplanes. I think all DAL passcard holders should have access to those seats.

With regards to the JS thing, that is kinda weird and hopefully it will be fixed soon. I know at first we couldn't take Sky West pilots on our JS, while we could ride theirs. Then, their mgmt worked something out with Delta, and they now have a database in the DeltaMatic with their current pilot employees. Hence, they can now once again sit on a DAL/ASA/CMR js. Perhaps you ACA/DCI guys should try to get in touch with the JS coordinator at SKW and find out what they did, and put pressure on your mgmt to do the same.

All in all, Delta and its wholly owned subs enjoy what I believe are probably the best pass privelages in the industry. Unfortunately, the SKW and ACA folks aren't part of that program.
This just in...

ACA Delta Conn. in the DAL j/s officially 5/28. That makes UA and DAL upfont priviledges! Of course, this leaves out the UAX side of ACA from DAL j/s. Here we go again.

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