Travel Banks: Another Blow to mainlines?


Hoist the Black Flag....
May 3, 2002
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Saw this article in today's (Sunday, June 30) Pensacola News Journal. Basically, it states how cities and their chambers of commerce are so fed up with exorbitant air fares that they are setting up "travel banks" to bring in discount air carriers (i.e., Southwest, AirTran, JetBlue, etc). One example was roundtrip PNS - ATL on Delta was $999 before AirTran, $298 after AirTran arrived. (And I am not saying anything bad about AirTran - they have been fantastic on allowing unlimited jumpseaters!) Obviously, this diminishes the revenue flow into a mainline company and also alleviates the risk to the discount carrier. If anybody has heard of this "travel bank" method of luring discount carriers in or has any inklings of where this is headed, I would love to hear it.