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Jan 22, 2005
Is Transmeridian still furloughing 757 guys? Are any of the MD80 guys affected?
Just trying to get a guage on how things are going over there, if they have stopped the bleeding yet?

Furloughing? That's bizarre. They interviewed a group of 12 of us ATA guys a few months back and "hired" us all with big promises, of course. About two days before the class was to start, we all got calls saying it was cancelled. Didn't figure that was a good sign. Sorry to hear they are furloughing.
Yeah, that was what I was afraid of. Sorry to hear your class got cancelled.

Anybody out there have the real story with what's going on at TMA? I have heard they are asking for concessions also.
Transmeridian = Idiots

I'm not surprised, Transmeridian has been doing this for years. I had a friend go there, only to be told (during class) that the A320s were being repo'ed but that was ok, they were going to furlough the senior A320 guys but keep the new-hire B727 class. Yeah, right.

Class got cancelled two days later, c-ya.

I guess they have (had?) a management-sponsored union that allowed stuff like furoughing out of seniority but I don't know what happened in this case. He was in class, got "furloughed" and laughed in their face when he got a "recall" about six months later.

Silly company. What goes through management's head when they're "hiring" as the walls are coming down? It just must make them feel important, but how can they, with a straight face, stand in front of a new class, knowing that there is only a small possibility they'll ever see the line, especially after the new-hires quit other jobs to go there?

Oh, I forgot, all the majors hire until they furlough too.

I've never met a Transmeridian pilot (other than my friend, who doesn't really count, since he never got on line) but my take on them is STAY AWAY.

Oh yeah, he got stuck with the hotel bill too.
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Yeah, I'm not too disappointed that it didn't work out. I definitely did not get a warm, fuzzy feeling when we were there. Having the summer off was nice, I just hope things will get better at CAL. Looking forward to going back to work!
My understanding is that they are running a bit low on cash these days. How much longer can they last with 1 million in cash?

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