Transatlantic International Airlines

Dec 5, 2004
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Did not know where to post this so I will try here and Major and Cargo. No area for upstart.

Anyone know about this op with B747 (200's and SP's) and DC-9's?

There is an ad on the web for flight crew and I have never heard of them nor is there any info on any boards.


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Oct 8, 2003
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google is good...

Ohio-based Transatlantic International Airlines plans to be flying by early next year. October 5, 2005 -- Ohio based Transatlantic International Airlines (TIA) says they plan to have two Boeing 747SPs flying by Spring, 2006.

The airline currently owns N708BA and N4508H both of which are currently stored in Marana. "The two Boeing 747SPs are going back in the air in the Spring of 2006, connecting USA-Europe and Australia," according to an October 5 email from TIA's CEO Ely Chulli.

TIA purchased the two planes in 2004, and have at various times listed them as for sale or lease on their website.

N708BA first flew in 1980, and was delivered to Korean Airlines in 1981 as HL7457. It served KAL until 1998, and was then sold to Boeing's Aircraft Holding Company. The plane currently has 66576 hours and has made 9487 cycles. Sources have reported to that the plane will require significant maintenance in order to return to airworthiness.

N4508H was one of the last SPs produced, and first flew in 1981 as N1785B. It was briefly used in a Boeing design study to test the feasability of converting SPs to a freighter configuration. Later that year, the plane was registered as N4508H and sold to Wilmington Trust Company, who in turn leased it to China Airlines. The plane flew in regularly scheduled airline service until 1997, but has been stored at various locations since that time. It currently has 59038 hours and 10592 cycles on the airframe, and is reportedly due for a C-check.

TIA, which is headquartered at Rickenbacker International Airport in Columbus, Ohio, has not yet published any routes, schedules, or fares on their website. However, the airline claims to be studying the feasibility of scheduled weekly service from Columbus and JFK to Honolulu, Sydney, Shannon, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Paris, and others.


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Jan 29, 2002
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This company doesn't pass the sniff test...

Elyounoussi, Bachir
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447

Domain Name: FLYTIA.COM

When I call the number it rings twice then goes to obvious redirect and a voice mail from a foreign sounding gentleman.

I don't buy it! A legitimate operation would be easier to find information on.