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Trans States

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Well-known member
Aug 15, 2002
Does anyone have any information on TSA, number of furloughs still needed to be recalled, and any hiring information? Is it a good company to work for?

Are they still getting 17 ERJ's from Eagle?


what I've heard....

Heard from someone that used to be in crew scheduling for several years that they were taking a pretty big load of ERJ's very soon!? Seem to remember them saying the way things are looking, fairly close to the end of the year they're going to need to start hiring to fill crew requirements.

Man I would not go there even if they paid you to fly. RAISE THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Don't be a hooker!!!

Dude, I flew ERJ's for TSA and it was a very cool gig. Like every pilot in the indrustry, I hacked on my company when things got in my way, but I have seen TSA from the outside now. I have been working at other carriers flying bigger and better but I have come to realize that TSA was better than I knew when I was there.

Also, I have close friends in the US Airways Express machine flying the Dash-8 and they once were at TSA. They all wish they were back there as we speak. So, when someone asks about a carrier, why don't you let those who know tell the tale, rather that spouting out of your a__ that which you don't know. There's enough crap on this board with out you leaving your skid marks!

Don't listen to the wholey owned sour grapes.

TSA is a good company. We have our problems, but no more than any one else. Our pay rates are better than some and not as good as others. The contract expires in 2004 and we all hope to see some dramatic improvements. I am very pleased with my decision to go to TSA.

Here's a better link than the one above.

At that link you can get information for just about any question you may have, and find out all the particulars about being a new hire.

And Sam Adams, for someone who's airline just agreed to a contract for below industry average jet payscales you should not be criticizing others. You guys have a lot of problems ahead and should worry about getting your own house in order.

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