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Trans States Recalling More Pilots!

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TSA Pilot

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
To all those that were interested. Here is the latest. Our union announced on Wednesday that TSA has started to call back more furloughed pilots but haven't released any numbers yet. The latest MEMO from our management at TSA states that they want to be operating all of their aircraft (i.e. pre Sept 11th) by March 2002. So at least some good news this could bring all the furloughed guys back....Latest in the rumor mill is that the EMB-140's should be here by May.

TSA Pilot
Forgive me if we're not all thrilled about this news....
But I am glad that some pilots will have their jobs back. I have no beef with the TSA pilot group. But I hate to see AMR farming out flying they could do in-house.

--Furloughed Eagle pilot.
Quit yer bitchin

At least people at Eagle and TSA were afforded the luxury of a furlough. Pilots at Chautauqua were terminated thanks to Bryan Bedford and then sold out by their Teamsters. Some people got it tougher than you. Furthermore, the whole issue of the flying being farmed out is a dead horse so stop beating it. No one wants to hear about it anymore. As for TSA congratulations, I hope you all do well for yourselves. As for Eagle Pilots, you'll be back soon enough. Best of luck to all.

Starting over,

That sucks that they just gave you the boot. Really stupid considering how much they spent on your training. The furlough is really a luxury for the company as well. A pool of trainied personnel just itching for the opportunity to go to work for you? What company in or outside of aviation wouldn't want that?

As far as the farming being a dead horse... You should see our union board! Over at Eagle it's a very very hot topic.

Anyway, I certainly didn't mean to take anything away from TSA. I'm always happy to see pilots back at work.

Great insight and attitude. Sorry if I came off a just a touch hotheaded. I still get fired up even thinking about the bending over I took from the company and the sloppy seconds that the union took. I do realize that I shouldn't disrespect the issue of flying being farmed out as it is important to you as me getting my job back at CHQ was once important to me. As for now, F@*k 'em. I 'm doin good enough to get interviews elsewhere and doing my best to move on. I'll be in a better mood once i get back in the saddle and I think all will agree that two and a half months of no stick time really bites the long donkey. I guess I should've taken the job at TSA over CHQ. Hindsight being 20/20 and all.


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