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Training / Insurance

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Well-known member
May 13, 2002
I have a client/student that has now decided a Piper Meridan might be the right airplane for him.

He has owned and flown a F33A for approximately 3 years. He started from day one / lesson one learning in the Bonanza and now has a private pilot ticket (VFR only ... though he in pursuing an instrument rating) with approximately 300 hours.

What is your recommendation on where to send him (us) to school and a guess on the insurance requirements for him to fly the airplane solo?
Have you/he contacted Piper directly?

I just recently upgraded from an M-35 into a C340. Even with a spotless record, an instrument rating for years, and 1300 hours TT, my agent's underwriter didn't like me too much. They charged me up the wazoo for the first year premium with a glimmer of hope that at the end of this month, I won't fall over when I see next year's premium.

Had it not been for me having a long history with them, I'm not sure they would've done it regardless of the price.

In addition, I had to attend a week at FlightSafety (worth the $ though) and another 40 hours dual in the airplane, just droning through the sky.

I can't imagine stepping up from a Bonanza to a pressurized turbine without a week at training and who knows how many hours of dual....

Not to mention the instrument ticket beforehand.

While Bonanza's are wonderful airplanes (flew mine for almost 20 years), in my opinion...they aren't exactly "high-performance/workload" airplanes that people think they are and make you a highly qualified pilot.

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