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Training at Air Wisconsin

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Well-known member
Jan 2, 2005
hey all,

a buddy of mine just got hired at Air Wisconsin for a CRJ class and was wondering what everyone there recommends in regards to flashcards or study guides (computer or otherwise) people recommend for training. any Air Wisconsin specific info about training he should be aware of...

thanks all, he is out of town or would have posted himself.
I think they just got some American flying.

Been flying for US Air/AA for 9 years. We got Delta flying last week.

There's really nothing out in the public domain he can get his hands on prior to training. The training department is a tightly run ship and the amount of knowledge expected to be learned seems more than other CRJ operators. That said, they are fair and it all boils down to attitude and hard work.
There are public Air Wisconsin (AWAC) flash cards on the gFlash+ application. You can download the gFlash app in the app store and then search "AWAC" and all the systems flash cards, limitations, memory items, etc. are on there. Some of the cards are incorrect but it is a 80% solution to getting warmed up for ground school and your oral.

Your friend should have received a "flow" sheet that gives you all the AWAC triggering events for running checklists and flows.

Good luck!
Last I knew those Flashcards were password protected, thus why I said it wasn't in the public domain. Is that not the case anymore?

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