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Traffic Watch

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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
Anyone doing traffic watch out there. I was prior to 9/11, but it is still one of the restrictions in class B. I heard it is ok in C which doesn't do me any good. Anyone have any ideas this was my bread and butter, I tried to get unemployment only to find out thatmy employer wasn't deducting it from my paycheck. I thought about contacting my senetor it just seems pretty futile. Two small planes per city doesn't seem to me to be a security risk, especially since they know exactly who and what we are doing.
I fly traffic watch in Los Angeles and we got a waiver to fly within the enhanced class bravo. We got our waiver 2 weeks ago and 2 other traffic watch companies got their waiver today. It seems like all the TV helicopters and traffic watch have the waiver now in Los Angeles.
Traffic watch is still going strong. Whether the company has a waiver or they found some other loop hole, they're going to be flying those airplanes all the time. Some traffic watch file IFR out of the ECB, cancel IFR, and then make their reports. While they're out of the ECB, they cover their other routes like normal as long as they stay out of ECB. When its time to come back, they file IFR.

I'm not sure exactly whats going on now, you would have to look at the most current notams.
I know they're still going strong in Phoenix. In fact on the (car) radio the other day, one of the traffic guys thanked the controllers at PHX for being so accomodating. (for those of you that deal with PHX approach on a regular basis, you will probably be as surprised by this as I was.)

Hey piston pilot do you know how your company went about getting a waiver? Was it from the FAA or appraoch control? This is good news as I thought there was no hope at all left. Thanks for the reply.
They are still flying in Salt Lake, but must go straight through part of ECB (just south of SLC and just north of SLC). Can't circle or go to anywhere they would be most useful...

Seems as if congress may let the ECB expire on 12/19, after which everyone (except DC, NYC areas) will be back in business.

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