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Tower Controllers/Surface Wind??

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Dec 2, 2001
When is a tower controller required to provide surface wind? In my old military flying days, I recall that the controllers routinely included wind in their takeoff and landing clearance calls. But I now fly light, high-wing GAs at a civil airport where it's windy/gusty most of the time. I'm frequently having to ask for the wind because it's something the controllers don't routinely provide. Also, if this is a factor, I understand that these tower controllers are not regular FAA-type folks. Some sort of other arrangement I'm not familiar with. Anyway, if they should be providing wind info more often, I'll pursue that with them. Thanks.
tower wind

im not sure if they are required to give you the winds, because certain towers will and some wont. I fly out of FRG and they typically give us the winds if there gusty. Hope this helps somewhat!
I talked to our local tower guy, he said that they are not required to give wind information with take off or landing clearences when there are weather reporting services on the field such as AWOS, ASOS, ATIS or an FSS, and that when they do give wind info its on a courtesy basis, or when they feel in their judgment the pilot would benefit from it in an effort to prode them to take another runway better suited for winds. Or when someone asks for a wind check. Our tower guys are ex FAA and ex military controllers contracted by the FAA. They are not employees of the FAA. They do this I beleive with small operations towered airports so that the state foots most of the bills. Hope that helps.

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