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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
Fellow pilots,(especially the freight pilots)
Where do you stand if part of the 1200tt minimums required by the 135 operators is sic time(multi turbine)
Your constructive opinions are highly valued.
SIC is part of TT. (EX. 300 PIC + 900 SIC {includes 500 X-country and 75 inst} =1200 TT. Good to go for 135 PIC mins.
I agree with Rattler, I used to fly freight for a 135 company as PIC, we did have an SIC program and alot of those guys upgraded to PIC after getting up to 1200tt with mainly SIC time. Hope that helps.
SIC v. Total Time

Unless they're specifying the turbine has to be PIC total time, I vote with the majority. It sounds like you're set.

Good luck with getting the job.
Well to sound like a broken record....

It doesn't matter whether that time is SIC or PIC, it is total time of 1200 that counts.

I also just had to try this new system out, this is my first try, so let's hope it works. I bet some would say oh lets hope it doesn't. ;)

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