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too much free time...

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Dec 12, 2001
I've got an odd problem... and I know mine is trivial compared to many.

I've been lucky enough to get a great job flying corporate for a great company... but I've got way too much free time.

and to be honest - its killing me. I'm bored to tears.

I've watched every episode of spongebob squarepants for a week... and I'm up to speed on all the folks at starbucks.

so now I want to do something productive... and I've always wanted to start a business... so who here has some experience in that?

what did you start and how did it go?

any guidance from those that have been there?

thanks in advance...
Your lucky man

Enjoy your spare time, I know personally I don't have enough of it. And with the "Sunny" Florida weather, I can't use it the way that I want.
Free time

:rolleyes: Wanna trade jobs?

Count your blessings. Must be nice to have all that free time. I was telling my wife tonight at dinner that one of the first things I'd do if I had more free time, apart from going back to flying, would be to catch up on sleep. I can't really compare my situation to yours, though, because I work an office job, fifty hours a week, with weekends off, so it's almost comparing apples to oranges.

Lots of things you can do. Finish your degree, if you haven't. Now, you can't use flying as an excuse. Although I'm not a fan of distance learning, you now have time to sit down in front of your computer and "attend" class. Maybe get more education. Learn a new aviation-related skill.

Sit down with your manuals and the FARs. That learning goes down the drain quickly if you aren't continually boning up on it.

Get in shape. Go to the gym. If you don't like working out, take a walk.

Not a bad idea to look into a business, but consider the suggestions above first.

Good luck with staying occupied.
I'm looking for a part-time job to since I have 15 days off a month and lord knows how poor us regional pilots are.

I'm thinking of either being an escort or getting involved in internet port.

Big Bucks BABY!
good suggestions all of them...

I am looking into some additional education... and I do try to stay on top of the studies with the flying stuff.

but as far as going running and exercising... why run when you can do the same distance in the car in less then half the time - and still enjoy a donut and coffee at the same time.

but I should consider that I suppose.

and when we come to hire - I'll put it out here before anywhere else.

thanks for the continued comments... and I would love to hear what businesses fellow pilots have started... as I've kinda got that bug.
Starting and running any company isn't something to tackle with your "free time" as you put it. It will be a full time JOB if you want it to be successful. That's my reality check for you....

Now to answer your question.....

If you want to start your own company, do something that you enjoy doing and that you have interest in. Starting any business takes money- and most times a lot of it. Start up money was easy to get a few years back, but venture capital is drying up more and more every day. Being very innovative in how to use or get capital is the fisrt trick to being successful.

I just recently (8 months back) started my first business (web based software to buy and sell electronic commodities) and although I have worked my butt off, made no money yet (product launches in 4 weeks), and spent a lot of MY money, it has already been the most satisfying thing I have done- right under flying of course!

I always thought I would want to run my own gig, just had to figure out what it was and who I would surround myself with to ensure it happens.

Good luck in your quest, I wish you the best.

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