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Today was the last real day in aviation

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
You wouldn't believe the nightmare that is waiting for all of us tomorrow. As of 12 noon today the FAA was sending down directive's and changing the complete scenario. Most of the 121 operator's have not yet complied and they will be grounded until they comply. As captain all these directives will become law and you cannot deviate from them at all as the aircraft is not in motion so you have no choice but to comply. Stand-by for delays, short trips, cut trips, short rotten layovers and pity to the crew that has to use the airlines to get to their work. I thought that the news people were just trumping it up until I got my hands on the 112 page directive plus supplements-sounds like it might be a good time to go do something else.
Tips for Travelers

Last night on AvCareer.TV, I went over the tips that United released yesterday for travelers subject to the new baggage check system,

I repeat them below

1. Show up a week early for your flight
2. Do not bring friends, luggage, belts, eye glasses, tweezers, cameras, lap tops, toiletries, plastic, metal, paper, pens, writing instruments, belts.
3. For speedy service, you should be naked.
4. for real good service, leave yourself at home
I already fly naked, don't use toiletries, can't write, live at the airport, can't see (no eyeglasses), and have no hair left and therefore no earthly use for tweezers (who came up with the name, "tweezers," anyway?).

Can you elaborate on the whole schebang?
Our management feels that there is going to be no change as basically all flights in the U.S. have become international flights. I see the problem as all this is law and contrary to the FAR's in flight where you as a captain have the ability and authority to bend them due to safety, on the ground you have no choice but to comply. The worse part is that none of this increases safety it only makes the American public feel safe, and makes the government look good. The terrorist will strike and they will move through all the security and accomplish their goal. In Colombia a few years ago the M-19 dug a tunnel under the Colombian armory and took all the armaments out of the armory(you'll love this one avbug). Then one night they put all the guns, missles, grenades etc. on public display in front of the Presidential palace. The Colombian Army did not know that all the goods had been stolen until they read it in the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo. This guys love to embarass government and make them look stupid. I think we are setting ourselves up for a LOOKKKKK STUPIDDDDD senario.

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