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Crash Pad

Well-known member
Jun 10, 2005
So as it turns out ASA is not worth 400 billion... Despite the trillions ASA brings in we were sold for 425 million... Skywest had that in petty cash. Oh yeah ASA is making millions they wouldn't think of selling us.... ooops.

To the burn it down strike now types... What happened to the contract talk... I'm guessing we all have new pressing concerns.

To the skywest types... What is the number for scheduling? I have a prank call that will be just too funny!

To the staple types... So you have us under the sword, I for one am begging for mercy. Not that I'm worried, I'm sure mighty ALPA will save us... I'm sure you all can't wait to join!

To the General... I see there is a fire sale in front of your office... May I suggest the movie Rodger and Me... It may be an enlightening look at your future.

By the way does anyone know the number for that trucking company? Truckmasters I think it was.

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