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To Go or Not to Go...

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New member
Aug 2, 2002
I was a COEX ERJ CA now I'm a junior ERJ FO with 3.5 yrs. The company is good, getting three jets per month with plans for 315 total...not shabby BUT the problem is CAL. We had quite a few flowbacks (I'm not blasting CAL or the contract it was what was negotiated) and it looks like I won't hold CA for about a year and then wouldn't hold a line for about a year after that. I'm not knocking the company just trying to eek out some quality of life. I was called by ACA for an interview because they offer no commute.....just wanted to hear some opinions....thanks.
Why would you want to dump your seniorty and go to another low paying job? The upgrade with ACA may be just as long as your wait for a line at COEX. If you commute, I guess there is merit to ACA's policy with respect to your quality of life, but otherwise, I would stay put and be happy you have a job with a re-upgrade in the future.

Besides, ACA will be wrestling with some new deamons as they continue to grow (with United being shakey and possible scope clauses that have choked the other UNNAMED airlines......such as mine)

Good luck

Going to an interview never hurts but i would suggest staying at xjt right now just do to the fact the company is going to grow and will get a good contract imho. I am not too familiar with aca's current situation overall and not too sure what ual's impending bankruptcy effect will be on aca. Life is tough now but keep an on on the future and the good times will come back. Besides, if you will consider a LATERAL move, i would suggest netjets as a better alternative if you really want a quality of life improvement. I am not a nj employee thats just what i hear from friends there...:D good luck w/ your decison. ;)
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i don't work for a regional but i have been looking into it.

i would stay put if i were you. coex will be expanding slowly in the future so you will get somewhere eventually. your seniority should give you decent pay which is more than you will get at aca.

the training department at aca is suspect during their growth. The upgrade may be fast but be prepared to make 0 during training while providing yourself with your own hotel room,(which may last for a few months). First year pay might not be too bad but not what your making now probably.

Just my two cents.
Should I stay or should I go?

You can always to go the interview. I would not give up 3.5 years' seniority at any commuter. Seniority is golden. It does not grow on trees.

Just think of how hard you worked and the sacrifices you made to get there. Getting the COEX interview. Sweating out the wait for the phone call and hoping you won't receive "the letter." Then, all the sweat to go through ground school and initial training. Wanna go through all that again and start from the beginning? I would not.

Continental is one of the better companies, if there is such a thing in aviation. Don't forget about the benies and the flow-through opportunity waiting for you. Hang in there. You are actually well-positioned for the long haul. Consider one more point in that regard: Rumors keep surfacing of a United bankruptcy. Please, please, please, let's hope not, for the sake of the United people. Nevertheless, let's say the worst happens. Want to be competing with them?

Stay where you are. Good luck with your decision.
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I remember hearing Xjt was going to start recalls real soon or at least announce a recall schedule...did that ever happen? One of my good friends has been going nuts waiting for news regarding his possible recall.
Thanks all, I've decided to stay with COEX....I cannot give up 3.5 yrs senority, really don't want to start over. COEX isn't a bad company at all, just that the quality of life sure took a hit. Once again, thanks and if you need some info just ask.

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