To frax or not to frax?


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Apr 29, 2002
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I have been reading the Fractional section for quite some time and am trying to decide whether or not to join the ranks.
Currently, I am a dhc-8 captain for a usair commuter (wholly owned). The best way to describe my current company is like being on a roller coaster that just gets more bizarre around every turn. I try to be optomistic... I do try.
I have a buddy over at flt options, he seems to like it. I have sent my info to Eric, I have had my buddy hand him my stuff and I still have not heard anything (around two months). Anyone have any ideas on how to get a hold of him without being a pest?
I would love to do the type of flying that the frax do. I flew corporate for a few years and enjoyed seeing the country, all I see now are the SAME hotels month in and month out. Please don't get me wrong, I am happy just to be employed right now in the profession that I love. I am just wondering if I am crazy for even entertaining the thought of leaving a job in which I have around four and a half years of seniority with.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!