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To All USAirExpress pilots from Comair

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Still turning two
Nov 26, 2001
With everything going on with LOA 81 and so forth, pilots that have been terminated or furloughed from the whooly owned or contract carriers as a result, will receive preferential hiring at Comair.

This was on a wholly owned express ALPA line and many thanks to the guys and gals at Comair for this letter and the support for the guys and gals that are viewing furlough and or termination in the eye.

Thanks guys.
Just curious...

I hope I don't have to take Comair up on this deal, but is that ALL USAirways contract carriers, or just the ones that are/were ALPA? More than one contract carrier is with another union or no union at all.
I guess it is time to dust off the old resume and send it to COMAIR.

Welcome to the two or more furlough club!
Comair resolutions

My understanding of what I read from the COMAIR info was that the offer was tendered to WHOLLY OWNED pilots, not contract carriers. We're the ones at ground zero in this whole 'deal', not the Mesa, TSA, or Chat. pilots.
I read the comments from the Comair meeting which states that they will give Preferential hiring to the WO's furloughees. I was just furloughed from Piedmont. Is there anything else I should do besides faxing in my resume?

I faxed a resume in last week. The web site said they are only taking resume's via fax.

Thanks in advance.
Quoted from the Comair MEC resolution.

"WHEREAS the USAirways wholly owned and domestic codeshare carriers have borne the brunt of the most restrictive scope language in the industry......"
Its certainly nice to see other carriers help out furloughees. Thanks Comair.

However, should this offer be only extended to USAir wholly owned furloughees or should it not be extended to other furloughed pilots as well? Especially those from ALPA carriers, after all, we all helped Comair pilots during their strike. ie strike fund and jump seat priviledge.

And what about the DL furloughed pilots? Shouldnt they get some preferential hiring too? Being that some of their flying is going to the regional level, wouldnt it be fair to give them preferential hiring too? maybe they are, I dont know.

Anyhow, as a bottom of the list usair furloughed guy, I was just curious what everyone else thought? And yes I think LOA 81 stinks especially to our wholly owned. Sorry, but being furloughed I have no major say in the matter.


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