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Tips to flying the Boeing 727

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Well-known member
Jun 22, 2004
Any oldtimers here have any general tips or gotchas for flying the Boeing 727? In particular landing? Whats a good technique to use to grease it on?

No flamers please. Might be getting some time in one and just want to be prepared.
Best grease advice...Check and roll. Check the rate of descent with the flare and just before touchdown slightly lower the nose (roll). The landing gear are aft of the center of rotation and that little push will cushion the landing nicely.
When do you normally pull the power?
When you're ready for the bottom to fall out.
Drive it on, flare, relax, bounce. But you fly around at .84 looking like a damn stud!

The Stuka maneuver

40 flaps will require a healthy flare and probably a shot of thrust. Some airlines actually blocked off that flap position.
Don't bring the flaps up while the Capt is making a hard turn with the tiller.

Don't turn the "A" pumps on or open the interconnect with the tow bar attached. :)

Don't dump fuel to balance it (this actually happened to a new FE who got rattled by by a grizzeled old Captain who asked her to do it 4 times and finally lost his patience):rolleyes:

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