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Time off for my wedding? (Comair)

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treetop flyer

Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
For all of you currently at Comair...

I interviewed May 9 and am in the pool....waiting...ugh

I know this has been touched on before but ASSUMING I'm in a class in October/November, is there any chance of getting some time off for a December 28th wedding. My fiance will be pretty chapped if I'm not at the ceremony! I wasn't sure if training would be suspended anyway for the Christmas / New Years holiday.

Thanks for your insight...
I can't speak for Comair's class schedule, but, I did go through American Eagle's training during the holidays. Normal during training, you have the weekends off, so, that would at least have you around for the ceremony. I did have a sim session scheduled the Saturday before New Years, which would have screwed any plans I might have had. My best advice to you is to just wait and see what class date you get and what your schedule is. If it looks like you'll have a conflict on your wedding day, just talk to the training department. I'm sure they would probably be able to work around that. Good luck, see you in CVG.

No worries....that was one of the first questions they asked at the start of class. They are VERY accomodating of these types of things and realize that you have a life outside of training that will sometimes conflict with the schedule. Take the first class they give you and then when you get here, tell them right away. I'm positive they'd give you the time of for the wedding....not sure about the honeymoon, though...maybe just a few days.


You got engaged and I have to find out at the same time as everyone else? Congratulations!

You'll go crazy if you worry about both Comair and your wedding. If need be I'm sure they'd let you defer your class date but I'd bet they'd work with you. It'll all work out.


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