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Time from interview to notification@ FDX

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Active member
Jun 1, 2002
If anybody has any information on how long it takes from the interview date untill you hear a yea/nea from FedEX, I would be greatful.

Also if you get shot down does the bad news come via the U.S. Mail or FDX lettter.

I interviewed on May 20 & 21'st and have not heard anything yet, I am hoping this might be good news.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

It will typically take around 3 weeks for good news. Bad news tends to come much quicker. I was told when going through the process last fall that; "no news is good news".

Congrats, sounds like your in!

I interviewed on 15/16 April and heard from some friends that they got the good news in one week! It took me three weeks and one day to finally get the good news. The word on the streets is that if bad news doesn't come in the first week, you are good to go! Starting June 10th.
Thanks for the help, I am hoping for the best and have shivers of fear every time I see a FedEX or Mail truck in the neighborhood.

I have been on furlough since Dec 2, 2001 and have too much time on my hands, which allows the imagination to run wild a bit bolth ways.

Thanks Again.
U2FDX, Or anyone who may know,
Just curious as to how they contacted you for an interview, and do you know if they make interview calls at a certain time of the month?

I recieved a call from pilot recruitment at my home. I have no idea if there is a certain time of the month that they call.

15 days and counting/waiting
Just recieved the good news by phone today from Kim. No class date yet, possibly Aug. 27.

Best of luck to others that are waiting. It took 16 days and now it's celebration time.
congrats on the class.. did you have any recommendations?


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