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Ticket laminating

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Hey guys, I'm an idiot and did not sign my license before I laminated it..........What should I do??? How can I get another temp copy quickly?
Thats good but can I apply for my Ground Certifcate with the faxed temp?
I would think so....I don't however think it would be good to show the FAA a license with writing over the laminating.
Just sign on the laminate with a very fine felt tipped pen, and then laminate over the laminate. If the pen won't work very well, take some 600-grit sandpaper, stick some on the end of a pencil eraser, and rub the area just a little bit, then the pen should work ok.

Don't ask how I know this. :)
Temporary certificates

I don't see why not. I took my type rating ride one day and the examiner issued a temporary. I saw the same examiner the next day for my single-engine ATP. He took that temporary and issued me a new one with my ATP SEL.
If you just used the "sticky plastic sheets" style of lamination, you have a pretty good chance of partial removal without total destruction. And as others have noted, don't ask me how I know this. ;)
What Wiggums said-what's relevant is your signature being on the certificate-just sign the lamination and then re-laminate.

Done it myself-DE didn't give a.......

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Thats exactly what I did it worked pretty good except the laminate bubble a little but not too bad...........However I might not have it long because I'm going for the AGI...........Well of course the question is does the AGI go on my CFII MEI cert. or do I get a whole different certifcate because it is a ground instructor?
Sharpie permanent fine point pen also works..

Not that I"d ever do anything that stupid....;)


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