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This page is for interview info only!!!

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Nov 28, 2001
Please discuss topics of non-interview related material in the "general" section of the main board (or any other appropriate section).

Any non-interview related topics on these boards will be moved to the main board, closed, or removed.

Why stir the pot?
My momma taught me, if it ain't broke.....
I hate to break it to you, but there are VERY few companies interviewing right now, if it weren't for these other discussions this board would virtually be dead...
Alright, then how bout you make a new forum devoted to the Majors, but not specifically interviewing? The general forum is, well, just too general. As fun as it is to just see threads about JetBlue and Fedex in this one, that makes for a pretty limited forum. Until then, I'll continue to post here.
You aren't being very consistent IF4F. You are moaning about noninterview threads here yet you moved a noninterview thread about Comair to the Regional interview board.

While we are on the topic, Comair/ASA/COEX/Eagle aren't regionals. JB/AirTran aren't majors either. In todays industry it's a little tough to pigeonhole some companies into antiquated categories. Let me suggest that you have the following categories:

Majors (DAL/SWA/UAL etc)
Nationals (JB/AirTran/COEX/Comair/ASA etc)
Commuter/Regional (Colgan/BMA etc)

Then post whatever you want to whether it be interview or general topics into the appropriate board. That's what we're all doing anyways.
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I have to agree with the rest...this forum is where all of the info related to me lies, so I know right where to go. The "General" forum seems to be just that...General. Much more C-152 dudes building time and chatting, not really as interested in what happens with the majors, nationals, etc., because they aren't in them and won't be qualified for them for a few years. I don't want to be searching through posts like "should I get my CFI or my instrument rating next?" stuff. No offense, but the whole purpose of segmenting this site is to make the info you want to read easier to find.

my 2 cents

I don't own this forum, I only work here (volunteer my time, actually).

PM the Webmaster or email him at [email protected] and share your ideas with him. Personally, I agree it would be helpful to put individual forums for special interests in, however, Mark has asked that this be kept to pertinent interview info only. It remains less cluttered this way.

Someone mentioned that no one is hiring. Last time I checked, SWA, Jet Blue, FDX, and others were hiring. Comair and ASA are also hiring, (though they are "regionals" with "Major airline" profits). None of this changes the intent of this page to be for interview info only.

Caveman accused me of being inconsistent. I guess he somehow determined I incorrectly moved something, and am therefore incinsistent. I didn't, but I'm not the only moderator, either. I do consistently move non-interview posts off these pages.

Not open for further replies.

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